How do I reserve my date?

View our booth availability below and reserve your booth online instantly. All we require to get started is a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your date.

Can I change my time after booking?

Yes, you can add more coverage time or change your start time at a later point after the booking process.

How many photos can we take?

There is no limit to the number of photos your guests can take.

Does the booth provide props?

Yes, the booth includes a selection of high-quality fun looking props.

Why do you not offer prints?

We’re an eco-friendly booth designed for guests to engage in the experience of your event. Printers typically slow booths down or cause technical issues at events. Instead of waiting around for prints, we’d rather your guests be taking more photos and getting back on the dance floor.

“Real Business is done on paper” – Michael Scott

Does the booth include a backdrop?

Yes, the booth includes one backdrop selection that you will be able to choose from when you book your booth. You can change your booth selection at a later point as well.

Does the booth come with an attendant?

Yes, the booth comes with a professional attendant to help assist guests during the event. Someone will also be responsible for delivery, set up and break down.

Does the booth share photos?

Yes, you can instantly share your photos via. AirDrop, Text, Email or Social Media from the booth.

Can the booth take Photos, Videos, GIFs and Boomerangs?

Yes, it can do just about anything your guests want.

Can the booth be set up outdoors?

Yes, you can use this booth outdoors. However, we highly recommend for a better guest experience to be set up indoors or under a covered area to protect the equipment against wind or rain.

What kind of space is required?

• Indoor space is much appreciated
• 8′ x 8′ floor space for the booth and backdrop
• Nearby powered outlet within 25ft.
• Wall for the backdrop to go up against
• Hard level surface (no sand, liquid, grass, gravel, etc.)
• Covered space from wind or rain

Does the booth work for kids?

Yes, the booth is adjustable for children.

Can I add more time?

Yes, you can always add more time after you book online.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach. Additional travel fees may apply outside of these locations.